About Homestay Project

Homestay is a digital advertising company owned by zooFamily. The team specialises in working with travel inventory and technology. Homestay assists homeowners in promoting their properties on global booking platforms, helping them to conduct daily rentals. If you’re interested in renting out your home daily, Homestay is the perfect solution for you. Where both parties entering in the business by a signup agreement.

We are the agency that will help you make money from your home. All you need to do is allow us to conduct business through online booking platforms as advertising management partners. Once you give us permission, we’ll proceed with the business as per the agreement we sign. Here’s the information we need from the homeowner for the business sign-up:

  1. Home Name:
  2. Home Address:
  3. Provide at least 10 images or max of your home, including the bedroom,

    bathroom, and common areas.

  4. Contact Number & Email.
  5. Bank details for payout your money.

Upon signing up, we will review your information and then send you a confirmation agreement letter. And our all T&C automatically update through by the website and 3rd parties.

Upon completing the sign-up process, we will work together on the homestay project. In this project, traveller’s will come to stay at your home, and you will receive the payment. We will put in our best efforts to advertise and make money together. This is how we operate with homestays project. All advertising will be conducted through online booking platforms, and we will handle that aspect for optimal results. For this collaboration, we will deduct a 20% commission from the total amount you receive. We believe that when we work as your partner, you should honour the commitment. In this partnership, we will handle property advertisement and provide you with booking platform credentials.

Remember, your guests are your assets, so always strive to collect better reviews from online booking platforms. Both parties are involved in the business to achieve the best outcomes. This is an opportunity to grow your business with your home. Sometimes, certain countries may require tax and business documents for this type of business. But don’t worry, we will handle all the documentation under our trademark, which means you will receive your money from our company. All payouts are subject to the terms and conditions of the zooFamily.