Our Terms & Conditions

1. Under the terms of this “Advertising Agreement,” the advertiser will promote Home on the Internet with the aim of allowing Internet users to book home rooms or beds through booking platforms.

2. Advertising dashboards can be utilized by homeowners and zooFamily, and both parties will be operating the business as the agreement. If the homeowner does not meet the quality standards, zooFamily has the right to terminate the agreement. The quality standards are judged based on platform reviews.

3. Both parties will conduct their business according to their respective policies and terms & conditions. All home issues are solved by the homeowner, and all advertising platform issues are solved by zooFamily.

4. All prices are exclusive of VAT, tax, service charge, and booking platform’s commission. This cost will be automatically included by the booking platform. Which means the booking platforms users will pay those amounts to Homeowners, and homeowners will pay that amount to booking platforms.

5. To ensure safety, homeowners should always keep a copy of the documents when a person checks in. The homeowner is supposed to maintain home security without concern from zooFamily or the booking platform.