A host Responsibilities:

Hosts generally are required to offer accommodation and for that guest will pay the host. And the booking will come from many online booking platforms. The food, hangout and a cultural exchange is wish of the host. However there is some responsibility when you are doing business.

  • Accommodation offered can vary, from a guest room at a local homestay, a dormitory, through to camping.
  • The host suppose to be concern about guest facilities and his/her own business reviews.
  • After booking the host suppose to text by booking platforms, and suppose to ensure the comfort of stay
  • Never receive money without booking platforms, if we found then we have to terminate the agreement of work. Because we both parties doing business behalf of best outcome and it should be ethical with honesty.
  • To ensure safety, home owners should always keep a copy of the documents when a person checks in. The homeowner is supposed to maintain home security without concern from zooFamily or the booking platform.

Be a Great Host

Whether you’re hosting travelers, or making friends locally, being a conscientious and generous host will enrich the connections you make with the people you meet.

  • Share something

    Be it stories, songs, food or your favorite coffee shop, Homestay is about sharing and connection. Be open to giving, receiving, and discovering the unexpected.

  • Respect differences

    Help make the world smaller and friendlier. The diversity of people across the globe is a beautiful thing, so contribute by respecting and appreciating those differences, be they cultural or otherwise. Spend time with your guest. Make new friends and help each other discover new things about the world.

  • Be neat

    Hosts, tidy up your space before guest arrive. Surfers, leave it better than you found it. Keep your things in order and always clean up after yourself.

  • Connect

    Finding a place to stay is just part of the travel experience. More importantly, it’s about human connection. When you’re there, get to know your guest and their way of life. See what you learn.

  • Be reliable

    If your plans change, let your guest know. Communicate through the booking platforms to get a better sense of who they are.

  • Collect a Reviews

    Be sure to leave reviews for people after hosting! Reviews help others to make informed decisions. collect truthful reviews that describe guest experience.